Guest Room (2)Guest rooms should be decorated in such a manner, so that your guests feel relaxed and welcome in your home. Remember that your overnight guests will definitely not expect hotel-like amenities, but they would at least expect to get all the essential amenities. Being a good host means providing more than just a comfortable bed and a clean bathroom. Extra effort may be required but your friends and family will have a happy stay.

Decorating the Room
The decoration of the room starts with painting the room. Using neutral or soothing colors like beige, white or sky blue will allow your guests to feel relaxed. Avoid vibrant colors such as bright red because they have an energizing effect.
You should not just use your left over furniture. Your visitors should feel that the design of the room has been thoroughly thought out. Try to add some comforting details such as art or décor to give the space looks glamorous.

Bed Arrangements
Using twin beds instead of a king or queen-sized bed will allow the guest to use the beds according to their convenience. If they wish, they can use the beds separately, or they can push the beds together to make a bigger sleeping area.
Make sure that each of beds has multiple layers of sheets. You should include layers of cotton sheets, a cotton coverlet and even a down comforter.  This way, your guests can use them to their accordance. It is also a great idea to use throw pillows; they will instantly give the bed a cozy vibe. Along with giving a room a cozy feel, they also compliment the accent colors in the room.

Essential Furniture
Including the right furniture will make your guests feel as if they are in their own homes. A comfortable chair will provide the guests enough space to relax, read and unwind themselves during the day. Also consider keeping a dresser in the room, so that your guests who are able to unpack their clothes. Keep towels, spare blankets, and other amenities in the bottom drawers, as your guests may require them during their stay. Add a full-length mirror so your guests can get ready easily. The mirrors are also great for the smaller rooms, as they can create illusions of wider spaces, which in turn, add depth and dimensions.

Guest Room (3)Bathroom arrangements
The tub, shower, toilets and sink should be thoroughly cleaned with cleanser and disinfectants. The floors should be vacuumed and mopped. Consider washing the shower curtains if they do not look clean.
Sometimes it is easy to forget to pack the basic toiletries for a trip. Place new towels next to the shower space just in case your guest forgot to pack their own. Including a basket where you can put in all the essential things like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shower cap, a lotion, a good hand cream, a nail file and even a blow dryer can come in handy for your guests. You should also offer toothpaste, a toothbrush and floss. You can put in some essential medicines for first aids like tea trove oil, Neosprin, anti-septic lotion and band-aids. Also make sure, that there are extra toilet papers or toilet rolls.

Lighting arrangements
Ceiling lights are great, but the switches are generally placed away from the beds and thus, your guests might find it difficult to find their way back to their beds after switching off the light. If you place a well-outfitted nightstand, it will not only become easy to reach, but, also enhance the overall look of the room. If you have separate seating arrangements, consider putting a reading light on the table.

Apart from the basic amenities, you can also consider decorating your guest room with an assortment of books, as most of the people love to go through book collections in their spare time. Again a folding luggage stand is also a great idea, as that will help your guests to unpack their luggage.

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