7 Pieces of Furniture (2)Remember a home cannot be a home without some carefully chosen pieces of furniture. For this reason, regardless of the space of your new home or the style you choose for the interior design, some pieces of furniture are must-have items for every home to give the house a feeling of comfort, warmth and completeness. Here are 7 furniture pieces you must have at home.

An essential piece, the humble coffee table placed in the center of the sitting area connects other elements of the living area altogether. A living area does not look or feel complete without a coffee table. A coffee table serves as a place for the family to gather, where your children does their homework, and sometimes where you can get your last minute work done. It can also be an object of beauty that adds a level of style to your home. This is therefore a must have piece of furniture if you have a living area.

It’s no doubt that benches are essential for the bedroom and especially at the foot of the bed. If you think about the myriad of uses your bedroom benches are put to every day, you will appreciate their importance. You can basically sit on the bench when you need to put on or remove your shoes, or when you don’t feel like lying down or when a guest comes in to your bedroom, he/she can have some place to seat. What’s more, in case your space is small, you can always buy one that come with storage so you can store your blankets, extra sheets, clothes, pillows, etc.

You never know when guests might come over so it’s best to always be prepared. Therefore, ensure you have a few extra stack of stools that you can use in case you will need them. Short stacking stools are a nice option compared to tall stools since they can be used not only as spare seats but also as side tables. Stack of stools are very important for every home as they can also be used as nightstand and you can even corral a few together as a makeshift cocktail table.

7 Pieces of Furniture (1)CONSOLE TABLE
A console table is the most versatile furniture you can have in your home. It can be used as a display space for decorations and various accessories and offers huge functionality when needed. If you’re running out of places in your house to put your iPods, TV guides, headsets, cell phone, remote controls and much more then you may use it as well. On the other hand, console tables with drawers can be utilized for storing decorations

Keeping your clothes nice and neat can prove to be difficult without a great set of drawers. Also known as a bureau or a dresser, the chest of drawers is essential for storing your clothing, personal care items and accessories. While it is mainly found in the bedroom, people can also use it in the hallway, garage, dining room or even the bathroom.

A bed should always go with a nightstand beside it no matter what. It’s a practical necessity as it enables you to have space for your alarm clock, a book, your mobile phone and a glass of water. It’s a very convenient piece of furniture as it saves you the time and effort you may need to get out of the bed to access things you may need in the middle of the night.


The ottoman has so many functions packed in a single piece of furniture. So why is it a must have piece of furniture in your home? First, it’s because it can be used as a hidden storage solution for kids’ toys, books, linens, gift wrap supplies and magazines and serve as an extra seat (as a stool) in the living area. The second reason is the fact that it can serve as a footrest and can be an alternative to a coffee table.

Now that you understand the 7 pieces of furniture every home must have, it’s time for the shopping to begin. Don’t hesitate to spend on any of these 7 furniture items as you will use them no matter where you live.




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