Boho (1)While the late 70s gave rise to the hippie progress, it seems the laid back, and relaxed vibe of bohemian interior design has never gone out of style. A new kind of boho chic is emerging in interiors today. What you see are beautiful patterns and piles of fabric, the high invitation to kick your shoes off, and the incredibly beautiful touch-me textiles. Typically, textiles play a huge role in getting the style right by utilizing all opportunities to combine patterns and textures in a myriad of colors. From desert colors to jewel tones, layer upon layer of eye-catching objects is what makes boho exclusively unique.

Bohemians are a laid-back group that has a very distinct sense of style. Morocco’s rich culture is highly reflected in its alluring boho interior style that is fully characterized by exquisite furnishings and vibrant colors. Should you be interested in adding Moroccan flair to your home, follow this piece closely.

In the last few years, there has been a grand revival of the retro and vintage elements in the world of interior design. Bold colors that give a grand visual impact (peacock blue, grass green, marigold yellow, magenta), metallic accents (lanterns, bowls, lamps, tea trays), beautiful flowery patterns, and retro kitchen interior décor that gives a modern makeover are today a combination that gives a hot design that is quickly making rounds. Clearly, the 60s and 70s bohemianism style is slowly making a comeback and finding favor among many people. In this style, lighting is key, where lampshades or stand-out lamps are used. They are used for either brightness or ambiance.

Boho (3)Boho has been tweaked considerably to match the needs of a contemporary, urban lifestyle. Its style ranges from hip boho-chic to unadulterated bohemianism. A lot of people prefer the combination of boho style and the contemporary chic. This is ideal for those that already have a theme but want to be influenced by the Morocco style. It is in fact very easy to achieve and keeps the interior more relevant in its appeal. Rather than giving your room a complete makeover, what will be required is to throw in plush ottomans with various patterns, some colorful rugs, and décor that will bring out different textures. In some occasions, adding a colorful accent sofa and pillows that have Moroccan prints can quickly give a touch of bohemianism to any room. Boho-chic offers a breezy solution in giving colorful additions while at the same time keeping your core design intact.

Whether you choose transitional or midcentury modern, the right interiors will undoubtedly surprise you with the ability to showcase classic bohemian elements of design. A blend of patterns, colorful wallpaper and seating arrangements of boho are all about choosing furnishings and components that work best for your room. For people that do not like many colors, monochrome can be used as the color palette. Decorative accessories such as the 70s inspired artwork should, however, be added. Plants are very significant in boho design. It is not about throwing in floral details, but having an indoor greenhouse. Hanging plants are basic in this arrangement.

While at the first glance your opinion may be that the boho style is all about mismatching everything and abundance, there is always that synergy that holds every boho room together. Getting a well-balanced appearance calls for a lot of creativity and imagination. Despite boho being quintessentially diverse and one that can be created in many ways, it is never about random throwing in of pieces in a haphazard design.

A vibrant color palette must be put into consideration. Although there is no definite palate for the original boho style, the chic contemporary designs are usually characterized by saturated bright colors against a bright background. To give your room an ultimate boho flair; raspberry pink can do an amazing job on the walls.

A gallery full of artwork that depicts the personality of the homeowner is what completes a bohemian interior design. Straight line and traditional arrangements should be avoided. The collection of the gallery should be personalized completely. Record albums, musical instruments, painted canvas, beautiful fabrics, and photos can appear in the gallery. Art objects such as dream catchers, tribal masks, tapestries, ethnic rugs among others that catch your attention can also be included.


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