Coffee Table (3)A living room bereft of a coffee table is a lot like a gun without bullets- disconnected. Just as a bullet completes a shot; coffee tables complete the last pieces in a decor puzzle. But while they are ubiquitous, there is an extensive variety to select from. This overflow has been bliss for a select few but a nightmare to many, making the hunt for the all-in-one fit concurrently relaxed and tougher than ever.

The customary setting for a coffee table is in the limelight, hemmed in by an ensemble of living room furniture. Coffee tables are the pride and joy of several items as far afield as books, magazines, flowers, remote controls and coffee. The question is which flair works for your room? Which color should you make do with? Should you go for a wooden one with solid legs, metallic base or with glass top?

Should It Be High or Low?
The height of the coffee table needs to be in harmony with both the scale of the surrounding furniture and the size of the living room. You don’t want a piece that dwarfs its environs or vice versa. A fundamentally accepted rule of thumb when pairing a classic oblong table with a sofa is that the height of the table top should run almost level to the top of the seat. Size also has an enormous impact, so be sure to factor in two to three feet between the piece and surrounding furniture to allow free flow of traffic.

What Should It Be Made Out Of?
Speaking of material, coffee tables can come in an eclectic range too. The most obvious material is wood, but you don’t have to restrict yourself. Consider the furniture in your room to determine what works best. Glass and acrylic elevate the size of the room making it look more open. A glint of metal can be substituted to serve the same purpose. Darker woods such as mahogany or marble blend perfectly in a traditional room while glass and acrylic help to complete an elegant modern look. Keep in mind that safety and durability are the primary determinants when choosing the most suitable material for your coffee table.

What Will It Be Used For?
When pinpointing a table, ask yourself how you’ll use it. Will it be the central quota spot at parties? Or will it be your perch for ornamental items? Provide a home for your book collection? If you love entertaining visitors, consider circular or oval pieces, where guests can naturally converse eye to eye. If you are out to acquire a dining table, steer clear of glass tops for stress-free cleaning. Find a table with drawers or shelves for your book collection but don’t limit yourself to built-in models if this feature is a must have. You can settle for a table with an airy space that will still house stacks of books satisfying the negative space underneath the table.

What Color Will It Be?
To some, mingling colors is inventive. To others, it is nothing but waves of paint. The same goes with coffee tables. The blend of color depends on the room and what colors you choose. You may want to either match your coffee table with surrounding furniture. Or you could even try contrasting colors. It’s safe to experiment which colors merge perfectly together. One way is not to have the entire place match with a single color, but parts of them match with varied colors.

How to Steal the Look with 5 Simple Ideas
A coffee table is every so often christened as the centerpiece of a room. But the same word is commonly used for a sofa, a rug or any other piece of furniture. How many centerpieces do you have in your room? Since there can only be one champ, you ought to decide whether the coffee table gets the crown. Apply these chic and modish methods to spice up the look of your centerpiece.

  1. Stack Attractive Books

Pick books with bright and bold lettering; vary the height of the pile in a simple and neat style for an effortless look. Top it up with something decorative.

  1. Add a Touch of Bold

Bring out the look and feel of your living room by incorporating bold table dressings to create a subtle style that doesn’t scream for attention.

  1. Coffee Table (1)Treat Yourself To Scented Flowers

A nice point of ivy or fresh-cut flowers add life and serve to trigger conversations. They are also easy to change whenever you want to suit the occasion, mood and atmosphere.

  1. Or, Puffed-up Candlesticks

It’s classy yet unexpected, plus they are great as they augment a dynamic sparkle to create a pleasant environment.

  1. Close the Deal with a Flagship Tray

The idea of spreading out your entire décor on a tray is purely ingenious. It not only looks great but also makes it easy to transfer when needed.

Sometimes, a coffee table that isn’t necessarily the standard width or the nonchalant color is precisely what a room needs. The greatest canon when purchasing a coffee table is to set your sights on a piece that complements your space, style and design.