BLOG MUEBLESASIA 3 - trends(1)Although the 2016 season is approaching quickly, 2015’s interior decorating trends and specific styles are so distinctive that changes are imminent. Keep in mind, however, that this year’s style is likely to transfuse into those that will be popular next year.

The Role Color Plays In Interior Design
The fastest, most dramatic and most reasonable way to breathe new change into any room is by using color. A fresh dash of paint will revitalize any interior space, cleverly camouflaging all cosmetic errors that exist while minimizing architectural defects. Color completely and instantly changes the atmosphere of rooms, establishes harmony in the décor, accents interiors and creates illusions of personal style.
Most stores offer sample colors that you can experiment with. Observe their effect at different hours to get a more precise idea of the changes they go through. Select the colors that make you feel good. This is the secret to happy, lustrous, attractive décors. As you do so, consider the following color trends for 2016:

Bright Colors (Yellows, Greens and Blues):
Rich blue color tones combined with warm oranges, greens and shades of yellow look fresh, cozy and harmonious. Inspired by the Mediterranean style, these interior decorating color combinations will be the hallmark of 2016.
Greens and blues, in particular, feel breezy; especially when you combine them with airy white décors. They are attractive, modern, and summer inspired – something to think about come 2016. In their natural state, they create idyllic and relaxed settings for bedrooms.

Contemporary Colors
Complementary color trends will be all the rage. More people are going to use colors appearing on opposite sides of the color wheel. Paired with each other, yellow and blue, and green and red will create vibrant results. Similarly, analogous colors such as green and blue, and orange and red, will create that elusive visual harmony missing in so many rooms. 

BLOG MUEBLESASIA 3 - trends (2)Pastels
Modern interior decorating schemes created using grays and pink pastels are perfect for achieving the soft, romantic and mysterious tones that will be the in-thing come 2016. They bring feminine elegance and charm into any modern space. Alternatively, consider contrasting light pastels with black-and-white decorating ideas to create beautiful and harmonious spaces for a relaxing mood.
On the other hand, purple pastels look aristocratic, especially when you pair them with medium-to-dark green pastels and neutrals. They emphasize uniqueness, which is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.
Sensual and mysterious, these pastels create unforgettable monochromatic color schemes. For additional zest, add classic light gray, beige, white, and black to the theme and you will be good to go.


Gray with Uplifting Hues
Gray color tones with uplifting hues are timeless. Consider adding them to your white interior décor, include metallic accents and dark or light brown colors to create beauty with a futuristic touch.
For coziness, warm grays are likely to continue playing their important modern effects in both commercial and residential spaces. Look for inspiration, in particular, from fresh healthy foods like creamy green avocados, red-brown almonds, and earthy-tan cracks. They will also go well with happy yellow, deep gold, and mossy green.

Blues – Teals, Aquas, etc.
Blue is likely to remain in vogue come 2016. At the moment, navy ranks among the best sellers, as do denim shades, indigos, aquas, and teals. Turquoise is also quite popular, and will continue being so long after the New Year. If you can mix it into your decor, then by all means go ahead and do so.

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