[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]BLOG MUEBLESASIA 6 - modern(2)Modern interior design is a type of interior design that has experienced little change for a number of years. It traces its major influence to what is known as “Modern Art.” Its most unique feature is the use of geometry, much like Pablo Picasso’s art. This style of interior design plateaued in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Consequently, some interior designers prefer to refer to it as “Mid-Century” style of interior design.
This style of design has a primary focus on functionality and creating large spacious environments. Understanding a few basics should help individuals know exactly what they want.

Color Scheme
From its formative years, the modern style interior design was known to use solid colors. There was a particular leaning towards the use of bright colors. This has changed little since that time. Neutral colors are usually mixed in with vibrant colors. In addition to that, white is great when doing modern interior design. Colors can be used to enhance the mood of the room and emphasize open spaces. However, mixing in too many colors can be quite disastrous.  For example, art pieces can be set against solid color visual backgrounds to emphasize them but if too much color is mixed in, the art piece disappears.

The use of bold colors is also great for helping stylish furniture pieces stand. Modern style interior design combines all aspect and objects in the room to come up with a masterpiece. Even pieces of furniture should be included in the design. In line with the general flow of interior design, furniture pieces tend to take on geometric shapes. Furthermore, they are usually set strategically in a way that they offer most functionality. Modern style is renowned for the use of natural material. Consequently, they should be made of as much natural material as possible. For instance, the seat could be made of leather material combined with wood.

Modern style interior design and modern art pieces go great together.  Be sure to include at least one piece of modern art in your space. Another must-have accessory is a mirror. Modern style design is all about creating spaces and manipulating light. Mirrors create optical illusions of spaces being bigger than they actually are. In addition, they help to manipulate and direct light wherever it is needed.

Another great accessory would be use of a rug in the sitting room. Modern style interior design is known for the use of bright colors on furniture and walls. Consequently, the base of this should be dull, especially in the living room. It helps all other art pieces built on top of it stand out even more.

Light is also another important part of the modern style interior design. It needs to appear natural as well. In addition, creating huge windows is an important part of interior design. It allows natural light to flood into a room and give the illusion of bigger spaces. Moreover, artificial light sources need to be functional in interior design. For instance, staircases need to be illuminated perfectly; otherwise, it might lead to serious injuries.

This style of interior design is perfectly suited for anyone but young working class people who want to avoid clutter in their lives especially love it.  As with anything good, nothing should be overdone. It might ruin the entirely the intended outcome. However, an experienced designer should be able to work with whatever material they are working with. In addition, it is important to try as much as possible to personalize each room during the design phase.


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