Retro (1)The easiest way to bring a complete 50s or 70s throwback vibe to your home décor is through retro furniture. There is no doubt that retro furniture design is back with a bang! History has it that furniture or outfits secured for about 30 years always resurface and get back to fashion. While that may be held true, the styles do not often come back with the same color execution of the original design or exact material. The design of furniture is closely the same; designers try to incorporate past inspirations and fuse them with the modern details. If you are intending to give your home a lift with this unique furniture design but are not sure where to begin, follow this piece to ensure that your home is modernized in a throwback way. Not too long ago the era-defining mid-century trends had become passé, but the re-invention is so loud to ignore. With this furniture, it becomes very easy to personalize your room and sets your home apart. A lot of retro styles get their designing as part of the architecture, fashion, and art. As you begin seeking for items this magnificent look, it will be necessary to transform your décor into something remarkable.

An interior update is a perfect way of giving your home a change of style and is also a great way of bringing some inspiration to your living space. But, as you choose your retro furniture, it is important to be considerate of your architecture. There are homeowners who are quick to purchase furniture inside out while there are also those that prefer to allow their home architecture help them decide. For homes that love to mimic retro furniture to counterbalance views and windows, be keen on this bit. History has a lot to offer, so do not shy away from digging into it and finding out if the architectural style you prefer will compliment your furniture.

Some of the retro furniture that could work for your home include:

  • Floral Sofas: This is an 80’s phenomenon that is back. However, the latest designs incorporate brighter and bolder flowers. It is all about painterly prints, oversized and country-manor look.
  • Bamboo and Rattan Furniture: This is a completely acceptable addition for your dining or living room. It fits into a monochrome scheme.
  • Walnut: This has been linked to the mid-century furniture, although the modern reincarnation uses a veneer or a walnut with a matt and in a sophisticated style, instead of the original shiny finish. The walnut is also being mixed with oak and ash these days. This helps to add smart elements to the crafted and less formal pieces.
  • Rocking chair: This classic from the 50s has clearly stood the test of time. It is not the go-to seat for flair and style. Not only is it a comfortable addition to any home, but also a stylish pair with an artsy side table.

Since retro furniture is old, it is common for retailers to have it refurbished before sale. The wiring of electrical items and lamps may be replaced, tables given touch-ups to the finish and paint, and chairs re-upholstered. Also, because retro furniture is becoming popular by the day, manufacturers are creating new pieces modeled from past inspirations to fit retro furniture category.

Creating a baseline color palette for a retro style may be tricky but once you have an idea of what it entails you are good to go. Mid-century furniture is characterized by simple and clean lines. The wood details are allowed to take the center stage without hiding their details.

Retro (2)Planning to decorate your home with different antique and classic furniture colors, styles and patterns so it is fashionable is a step that can be difficult to pull off. Interior style and retro furniture simply will never lose the appeal, and the beauty is that this nostalgia extends to as far back as you want to go. Subtlety and creative craftsmanship are what leads the mid-century furniture to be timeless. In essence, nothing says retro like textiles and high contrast colors. Green, orange, turquoise, purple and yellow were the popular colors. For your bedroom, bring a taste of retro styling with upholstered headboard designed with velour, velvet, and pair accents décor that carries with it pops of color. If you do not have in mind a specific era of furniture that you love, be inspired by your favorite color of sofa, appliance, wall artwork, or lamp.

In the 60s and 70s, lighting was integral for retro furniture décor. Whether you choose antique metal arch floor lamp or the 60s introduction of aluminum into the wall as well as pendant fixtures, either should work. Shop for lighting reproductions for walls, floor, the ceiling in every imaginable style. If you want to keep it subtle or are not sure that you will be interested in taking a full plunge into retro decor, you can alternatively add accessories. You can shop for your preferred yard sales, online artisan communities and colorful vintage metal tins for an outstanding classic accessories feel.


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