Controversial Trends (1)There is something inexplicably satisfying and electric about being in a room that is designed to be of-the-moment and unique. Over the years, we have seen a wide range of unique and provocative interior design trends including steam punk-based and futuristic themed designs. If you have been a keen follower of the latest trends, I am sure you have seen open kitchen shelving designs that use rich blue accent colors, windows without treatment designs and even oversized bathtubs as special designs.
Here is a list of a few more tastes you could consider ‘controversial’ in 2016.

Goodbye Granite
Most homes of yesteryears boasted a granite counter. The one big downside to having a granite kitchen or bathroom counter is that it has a tendency to hog the spotlight. Its mirror finish makes it difficult to have a subtle interior décor on any room it is used in. Today, though, there are quite a number of options that designers recommend including the softer and less shiny cararra marble, the soft non-porous soapstone, hardwood, and quartz composites, the newer and growing category in the world of countertops.

Open Floor Plans Are the Real Hit
Spacious homes with fewer walls are increasingly becoming popular. Homeowners today choose this style because the world is becoming a social place and almost everything—from cooking and entertainment to working and exercising—can be done in the same space. Besides, with an open floor plan, it is easier to keep an eye on kids around the house, there will be better natural light flowing in the house and such a plan is great for entertainment. Some people argue that it is easier to get lost in an open floor plan house but even though it sacrifices privacy and walls for artwork, it creates a kind of flow that makes one want to be in the house all the time.

All White Everything
White walls, white tables, whitewashed floor with a white carpet, a white couch, white curtains and white chairs—everything white, just like a hospital, may not seem like creative interior décor at all. While a house designed to have white everything, including a white fireplace with a white bookshelf right next to it may look freakishly neat, it certainly does elicit feelings of cleanliness and purity.
As many people get lost in the world of diverse design trends, some are choosing to make an about-turn and start where everything began—simplicity. A person choosing white everything though must not have cats and children around the house; such a controversial décor is only ideal for loners.

Controversial Trends (2)Mustache on Everything
This décor style sure takes one to early 20th century when a real gentleman was whoever wore the best mustache. Imagine a mustache picture on every pillow, pictures of mustaches on the walls, mustache-shaped sculptures, mustaches on mirrors and mustache-patterned curtains. It may seem odd and unrealistic, but designers are really pulling off such a design and funny as it may seem, it is both entertaining and refreshing. People are not running out of ideas,-it is just that such an idea is so unique that it goes viral and becomes a trend before you can figure out whether it could work in your own abode.

Beanbag Theme Design
If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you had enough of beanbag flat chairs during your teenage years. Guess what, they are making a comeback! The adults who hated sitting on beanbag chairs and having beanbag decorations hanging on walls are all too old and frail to complain, and I bet this is the reason this theme is becoming a trend again. Although they are back in a chicer form and probably with too much variety, the beanbag interior design is compatible with almost any home décor style, home type, and taste. For now, we will wait to see whether the society will embrace this crazy yet interesting style.

The best thing about décor designs is that people never really know what works until it does. These controversial and upcoming design trends are just a few ideas and examples of what should inspire you the next time you are considering a unique and personalized theme for your home or office. Try and tinker with as many styles as possible until you hit upon the right one. A little customization doesn’t harm either.




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