Materials ProvidedMuebles Asia was founded by Michel Schoppe when there was a high demand for Indonesian furniture in Europe and Australia.  Schoppe saw this as an opportunity to become more involved in the furniture industry.  In 2010, Schoppe introduced Muebles Asia to the public and began partnerships with major suppliers.  The company grew and Schoppe opened a factory in Jepara in Central Java, Indonesia, in 2012.  The factory is the center of production for Muebles Asia products.  Today, all of the materials used are bought in Java.

Even though the factory is based in Java, Muebles Asia has worked with many hotels and restaurants in Bali and Asia such as the Hilton in Dubai, the Bulgari Hotels & Resorts in Bali.  The projects are not limited to just Asia and Europe.  Muebles Asia was given the opportunity to work with The Crane in Barbados and the LUX Belle Mare in Mauritius.  We are proud to say we had the opportunity to provide these luxury hotels and restaurants with quality made furniture.

Muebles Asia can provide you a high quality product because of the materials used, the people involved with the design and building and because here at Muebles Asia, we work hard to make sure the customer is pleased with the product and process.

Muebles Asia takes pride in the materials that are used for the furniture.  Muebles Asia never uses wood from protected forests, the wood is recycled and the design can be eco-friendly upon request.  The wood used by the carpenters has been approved by the Indonesian government and was bought from suppliers who hold permits and complete papers.  The main supplier is a certified government supplier called Prehutani.  Teak Oak is the first option for Muebles Asia but Teak Oak Mahogany Mindy, Ashwood Sugarwood fiber and Synthetic Rattan are used as well.  The most popular types of wood used for outdoor furniture are the Teak and Synthetic Rattan.  For indoor furniture, the most popular types are Teak and Mahogany.

BLOG MUEBLESASIA 12 - materials provided (2)The wood, such as the Synthetic Rattan and Teak, Muebles Asia uses is excellent for outdoor and indoor furniture.  Teak wood is highly water resistant due to the oil found in the wood.  This protects it from insects, decay and bacteria.  Teak wood is ideal for outdoor furniture because the furniture purchases won’t have to be replaced frequently due to decay and the weather.  Teak wood is known for its gleam and natural beauty.  Once the furniture is bought, it won’t have to be polished as frequent as other types of wood.  Both the Synthetic Rattan and Teak can easily be worked into many different structures due to the fibers and elasticity.

Once the wood is bought from the suppliers, it is sent to the factory where the bark is stripped.   The wood then goes through the drying process using the oven.  After, the wood goes through the cutting process and is then formed and assembled in accordance with the design.

Today, Muebles Asia has 30 qualified and experienced carpenters working in the factory and five designers who work to produce some of the finest pieces of furniture.  Muebles Asia also has 10 people in the office to ensure the customer is happy with the process.  The carpenters are wood specialists with art carving skills from all over the country.  The designers will ensure the furniture being made is kept to the image with no errors.  They will meet with the client to determine the design and model.  Muebles Asia’s group of designers work closely with the clients to ensure the ideal design is achieved.  Once the client approves the design, it will be sent to the factory to determine the selling price.  After the final product goes through the quality control process, it is delivered to the customer.  Muebles Asia does international delivery if needed.  The product will be shipped out of either Semarang or Surabaya.  Clients should expect the process to take 8-12 weeks.

Muebles Asia wants every client to be pleased with the final product along with the process.  Here at Muebles Asia, we strive to produce quality and luxury furniture for a reasonable price.  A one year warranty for defectivity is offered along with a warranty for damaged goods.  If the furniture is defective, it can be replaced with a new one.

We believe it is important that our customer knows everything about the material being used for the furniture they are purchasing.  Customers will work with designers to create a piece that they are excited to showcase.  We hope you will be pleased with the final product.

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