Negative Space (2)Negative space can be referred to the empty white space on an art paper or in a painting. In a home setting, it is considered as the area lying blank with no art or design but can have a rather significant impact on the overall layout. When properly utilized, negative space can influence other elements of design in a room to pop out magnificently, resulting to calmness and a breath of fresh air.
The aim of designing is to create balance in a room. The amount of furniture, accessories, and art occupying a particular space must be perfect to make it exciting. It should never be so overwhelming otherwise it’ll create a feeling like the walls are caving in, making it uncomfortable. It is common with homeowners to commit the mistake of wanting to fill every available area with an element of design, so space doesn’t appear empty.

Look for opportunities
There are those items in a room that are used to add glamour, but can be done in a way with without having any adverse effect. You’re thinking about a narrow wall with a piece of artwork that can look just fine once taken down or a vignette that won’t cause any visible harm when removed from the tabletop. These are just examples of those not-so-necessary stuff that can be eliminated without compromising the quality of design. The idea is not to necessarily pull down items off their spaces, but generally to identify the spots within a room that would remain just fine with the extra elements removed.
Take some time to think about it.
In interior design, change can be the cheapest method of decorating a house. However, pulling down stuff from their closets should not be immediate, but rather a process that should take a couple of days. That could be a mistake that could lead you to think you have so many empty spaces in your house. Not because there are, but simply because you’re not used to these blank spaces, and you might be pushed to being irrational with your decision. After identifying the possible items to do away with, take your time to digest the idea of living without them, by doing so you’ll be getting your mind accustomed to the new look.

Have a Plan For It
Let’s face it, there are blank spaces in a room that might appear like someone forgot to put something in them, or are waiting to be fixed with something altogether. This is not the point of having a negative space in a home. That space must appear so natural like it was meant to be there. It must validate and enhance other spots in the room to bring out the shine intended in the area. Decorating your negative space could sometimes involve moving resident furniture, or making changes in the arrangement of the house. If that is what it takes, then so be it. The outcome will justify your decision.

Be Flexible
If you feel that the space does not feel right being left empty, then it shouldn’t. There are so many things that can be done in a space, but that should not mean that you pick just anything from the store to fill it. Do your calculations well and identify the most suitable item to take in the slot. A good idea would be to try out several elements. A piece of artwork or a lantern can have significant impacts on your room. However, always remember to keep your focus on creating more space and balancing the overall design within your home to create the right atmosphere.

Don’t be Too Obvious
There is so much you can do with your negative space. Try out a few things during your free time and you will realize just how much you are capable of. Avoid creating blank space in those obvious places where everyone would expect them, surprise people, and create them in suitable spots where no one would have imagined.

Look for Ideas
There is no harm in borrowing ideas from wherever you go, or from the houses you see in movies. Creativity does not limit you to being confined to your objectives, but sometimes it is based on embracing and developing foreign ideas. Who knows, this could be you making your home the envy of everyone.

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