Moss Walls (2)Moss walls bring a taste of outdoors right inside. These verdant show pieces have become the latest interior design trend as millennials and others find themselves moving further away from the natural world. Whether creating your own moss wall or purchasing a ready-made design, you’ll find that these pieces require minimal maintenance and can add fresh, inspiring tones to rooms. They are particularly attractive in minimalist settings and wide-open space with lots of clean, strong lines.

What Moss Walls Are
Moss walls are framed collections of living moss. These can be hung on walls in deep-set picture frames or used to create privacy areas as part of free-standing structures like room dividers. With subtle shades of grey and green, these additions are intended to invoke a sense of tranquility and peace while bringing home residents closer to nature. A small-sized, vertical landscape of lichen and moss, these modern accessories got their inspiration from the indoor moss gardens of Japan’s Zen Buddhist monks who cultivated these gardens on the rock walls of their temples. At this time, much like the present, the contemplation of lush, natural landscapes was thought to open the door to enlightenment and foster internal peace.

A moss wall is a great home addition for those with a commitment to practicing mindfulness. These unique works of art give people the chance to stop and smell the proverbial roses right in their own homes. They can be paired with indoor fountains, zen rock gardens and other complementary accessories that take the focus off of the stresses of the busy, outside world. As people become increasingly interested in design schemes that create their own private sanctuaries, growing moss in a vertical pattern inside the home is starting to make an increasing amount of sense. One of the major benefits of incorporating these pieces into your interior design schemes is the fact that they are incredibly versatile. No two moss walls look exactly alike. Moreover, this greenery is lush and hearty enough to survive on a broad range of surfaces without losing any of its appeal and without the need for constant maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality And Energy Savings
In addition to the countless psychological benefits of increasing the amount of living greenery that you currently have in your home, there are also a number of wholly practical benefits that people can gain by incorporating a living wall into their interior designs. Foremost among these is a marked increase in indoor air quality. Living greenery uses CO2 and helps circulate air throughout the home. They help remove harmful VOCs from the ambient air while emitting fresh, pure oxygen. Having a living moss wall will not only make your space look better, but it can also make the indoor environment smell better and feel better as well. Living greenery can also limit your indoor cooling demands, thereby resulting in noticeable energy savings.

How To Get The Look
Given that moss walls have positioned themselves as the latest interior design trend, there are a number of sellers that are currently offering ready-made moss wall designs. These are available in all shapes and sizes and you can order them in-store or online. There is also the option to cultivate a moss wall of your own using a starter kit or a few basic gardening tools. You’ll need mesh netting, a mister for keeping everything moist, moss mats and special, eco-lawn products. Creating your own moss wall will give you the freedom to determine the wall dimensions, frame and contents, but is best done using a complete moss wall kit.

Where To Put Your Moss Walls
As wall art, moss walls make great centerpieces or focal points. Consider hanging a large moss wall on a bare, center wall or on the first wall that is seen from the entryway of your home. The ability to see these pieces from a favorite chair or sitting area will significantly increase their cathartic benefits. People are also adding full-sized moss walls in their bathrooms to increase the serenity of these spaces. If you’re looking to create an attractive privacy area, you can additionally consider converting a basic room divider into a moss wall, with living greenery on each of the including sections.

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