Eclectic (3)What it is and how to achieve it
Eclecticism is a movement in the field of art. Although this movement is not widely recognized as a standalone style in the world of design, for most people, eclecticism is a separate and unique artistic form of expression that is created by combining classical traditions with elements from the Renaissance. The term “eclectic” was first coined by artist Johan Joachim Winckelmann to define the artistic work of Carracci, whose paintings perfectly blended classical traditions with the elements from the Renaissance era.
Today, eclecticism has evolved to become a style that can be defined as a way to bring together various styles or elements from different time periods, or those with different origins, into a single project. The most important element in creating an eclectic style of art—be it in painting, interior décor or furniture arrangement, is to eliminate chaos in the way the elements are brought together. For a truly eclectic style furniture arrangement, there must be a clear harmony in the different pieces of furniture such as in their placement, use of color, density of furniture in a room or the thoughtful connection between the furniture and the other styles and parts of the house.

How to Achieve an Eclectic Style in Furniture
The combination of different styles and designs in a single environment to create an eclectic style brings about an artistic taste and a great look that uses a connective element to invoke specific emotions and make the entire design a single piece of artwork. To achieve the perfect eclectic design, one must put a lot of effort, thoughts, and creativity that harmonizes the different elements to make them logically and visually interconnected.
Eclectic (1)These features, which include fabric types, furniture designs, room features, and finishes among others, can make an eclectic style an amazingly breathtaking form of art. Here are seven great ideas to bear in mind to pull off an eclectic interior décor according to Chicago-based interior designer Bill Godley:
– Blend the different pieces of furniture throughout the house. It is important to mix up the different designs and art elements in every room of the house. Unless the blending is visible, the house could look like a furniture store, and that would be disastrous.

Find a common thread and bring it out. Most people do not appreciate the value of artistic design unless it is spelled out for them. The easiest and most common way to create a connection between the different types of furniture is through the use of color. If the existing décor has a lot of aqua, different styled furniture should have closely related color tones such as greenish-blue.

Play up the contrast. With the eclectic style of furniture décor, it is best to be extreme and very dissimilar at a different period than just hint at it. For instance, when you have a distressed, white wood table, go for a black framed contemporary mirror. The clean lines play well to define the different styles that make up the eclectic style.

Build bridges using transition fabrics and finishes. The connection between different styles of designs should be brought together by a common factor –such as consistent use of leather, using multi-colored pillows, or polishing a wooden floor to merge a classic house design with modern glass furniture.

Strive for balance in the mix. A perfect eclectic furniture combination would be made up of three pieces of Chinese furniture, three Italian provincial pieces, and three modern chairs. The overall ambiance of the design must be easy to feel, and if possible, symmetrical. There is always beauty in symmetry.

Watch scale and proportion. Scale is key in every style, and getting it right is more critical in eclectic furniture rooms. This matters both in how the different furniture pieces relate to one another and how they relate to the room.

Many designers admit that the eclectic style is one of the hardest interior décor designs to pull off. This is because it is easy to make it look like a mishmash and often takes luck to create a look that cannot be replicated. It will take work, effort, and more trial-and-error than usual to pull off the perfect eclectic furniture décor, but in the end, all the pieces involved will look interesting and in place.





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