BLOG MUEBLESASIA 1 - homey(2)For those who are on the lookout for the right interior decorating ideas, there is hardly any doubt that going in for something different and unique could be a good idea. While conventional things like art and antique pieces work, collages have become more popular.  We’ll have a closer look at the various reasons of why they work and why it makes sense to include on in your interior décor.  First, let’s get started with the various benefits and advantages of having a collage and then discuss more about how to make it a successful, such as the arrangement, and what should be avoided.

Benefits Of Having A Collage
When one looks at the history of collages it is quite possible that it would have found its origins in colleges and schools. It has moved beyond the walls of schools and has moved to drawing rooms and living rooms. This might look quite unlikely because of the fact that when we think about living rooms we associate it with antique pieces, framed work of arts and other such things. However, there are obvious quite a few benefits as far as these collages are concerned.  Collages can help capture the many moments of an event such as a vacation, weddings, the growth of a child and they can even help track the growth of a business. Another big advantage with these collages is that they are very inexpensive to set up and do not require a large investment.

What Makes A Wall Collage Successful
All it takes are a few simple ideas to implement and follow for a wall collage to be successful. For example, choosing the right event is very important and dedicating sufficient space for it is the best starting point. While there could be literally dozens of pictures, it is very important to ensure they are properly chosen. Maintaining the right chronological events is something that is vital. This calls for spending some time with the pictures and having them fixed up. Each event will have a shelf life and keeping it beyond a specified period of time would not be desirable.

What Makes A Wall Collage Unsuccessful
While there are literally endless ways and means by which the collages can be arranged, not doing it in the right way could in fact cause the whole effort go to waste. You have to realize that it takes time and effort – it can’t be thrown together in a quick manner. Furthermore, the right amount of space should be chosen. The number of pictures should not be either too many or too few. While cluttering could spoil the show, sparsely affixed pictures could also make the whole wall look bald and listless.

Arrangement Tips
Finally it is very important to have some basic idea about the right arrangement tips. This again is an art that has to be mastered. While sequencing and maintaining chronology is important, leaving the right space between pictures is also vital. Furthermore, the background on which the pictures are being affixed should accentuate the images rather than overshadowing them. Finally the right kind of fixing devices should be used, if the pictures are going to stay for a long period of time.

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