Why You Should Use Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo (3)The bamboo plant has been around for centuries. It is a species for diverse climates and can thrive in both cold mountains and hot tropical regions. The origin of the bamboo is traced back to China over 7000 years ago, where it was first discovered and used for various purposes. Being a renewable resource, the products from this plant were gradually embraced and have become very popular over the years. Research shows that there are native species of bamboo all over the world, and all with an amazing growth rate of 250 cm a day. Their ability to grow and mature fast is way beyond that of other trees. Some can take up to sixty years to harvest, hence bamboo’s increased demand worldwide.

One of the leading fields bamboo has taken over is the furniture making industry. The Chinese were the first to use bamboo to make chairs, flutes, bridges and stools. Due to their strength and decorative nature, bamboo pieces soon spread to the West. The Americans loved the species’ ease of transport, as it was light and easy to pack.

Because of bamboo’s availability and inexpensive cost, it became the main material for making domestic furniture. Bamboo furniture became popular and took over the market in terms of both domestic and commercial products due to these reasons:

Strength and Durability

Compared to hundreds of materials used in the furniture industry, bamboo is among the strongest. It is stronger than plastic and wood, and this is a plus when choosing furniture as one is assured of its ability to last long. In addition, pieces of furniture made from bamboo are given a special finish to the edges; offering a protective layer. This layer protects the furniture from chipping, breaking and scratching, making bamboo the ultimate material to go for when selecting furniture.

Ability to Adapt

Wooden furniture is easily affected by water. Those made of plastic also have a tendency to lose their quality if exposed to high temperatures – but not bamboo. This product has an extraordinary ability to adapt to extreme changes of weather. It does not swell or shrink like other materials used.

Variety in Styles and Designs

The styles and designs are endless. There is not a single design of furniture this plant cannot be used for. Chairs, tables, shelves, stools and almost any other type of furniture can be made from the material. There is a variety to choose from in terms of colors as different shades of brown, green and yellow are easily available.

Bamboo (2)Easy to Maintain and Sustain

It takes a very short period of time to plant, re-grow and replace the cut bamboo tree. This is has made it more available than wood. This is one of the reasons why it possible to meet the ever rising demand of bamboo furniture. Since bamboo is technically a grass and not a tree, its cleaning procedure is easier compared to other materials. With only a piece of cloth, mild soap and water, furniture gets a clean new look.


It takes approximately three to six years to fully grow a bamboo plant. The ability to grow in different climates helps it to naturally replace the stalks seen in the harvesting process. This makes bamboo a highly replaceable and easy- to-replenish plant, a quality that makes the production process timely, hence keeping the resulting furniture at affordable prices.


Owning furniture made of bamboo doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to retain the look. The surfaces can be made in such a way that they mimic a different type of wood. This is due to its fine grain composition and ability to be molded into many different shapes. Bamboo furniture can appear differently in chairs, tables, office desks, beds and even decorative antique pieces. It can be done in shades that suit one’s preferences in the home or commercial premises.

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